I make and perform house and techno. Is it acceptable to ask how to improve my own music and DJing from the perspective of a listener or a music fan?

I know there is sound production SE site for improving actual sounds as a producer and sound engineer. Now if I want the feedback from listeners, may I ask here or at some other SE site?

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    If you want to be listened and evaluated by other DJs, I suggest Soonvibes. Other DJs like you will vote, comment your tracks, give you advices... – Bebs Dec 20 '16 at 18:50

I don't think you can ask these questions here.

Remember what is not allowed (from the tour) :

  • Anything not directly related to music history or appreciation

  • Questions that are primarily opinion-based

If you want to ask us if we like your work, and how to improve yourself it would opinion based.

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It's just not a good fit here at Stack Exchange, because the concept of the site is to provide fact-based answers to questions. Questions that seek opinions and suggestions are generally discouraged, although there have been a few questions asked about bands/artists with similar musical style.

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It is acceptable to ask on-topic questions whose answers will help you with your DJing. There are some questions that might be relevant already:

Standard vinyl vs Audiophile/Weighted vinyl - What's the difference?

Should I store my vinyl records side by side or in piles?

How can I know if I'm damaging my hearing when listening to headphones?

When it comes to technique, music.stackexchange.com might be a more appropriate place for some kinds of questions:



The important thing is to ask questions in a way that they can be answered meaningfully and with a degree of objectivity. "how can I improve my own music and DJing?", for example, is too broad a question to give a good answer to. "Which of these songs is better?" is primarily opinion-based and would also not be suitable. For that reason, this site may not be the best if you are looking for general feedback.

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