In Music SE we can embed Youtube videos and SoundCloud audio to our questions and answers just by posting the link. Here's an example.

I think that feature would be very useful and convenient here.


I would suggest starting a collection of posts here that would be significantly improve by the addition of these features.

It sort of makes sense (allowing embedded sound on a 'Music' site), but we are always a bit cautious about activating multi-media content on these sites. The main source of traffic for this site will be search, so overly-gratuitous use of these features are essentially burying (potentially) a lot of content in black box that cannot be seen by search engines. So rather than guessing whether this will actual help or hurt this site, it is better to see how these features would be used in actual practice.

Good luck!

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    Can you be a bit more specific about what the process would be, if this would still be the process? There are so many posts that would be improved by embedding that someone could probably spend days collecting them all, but it would be good to know what purpose that would actually serve. – user16 Jan 4 '17 at 22:35

I think we should revive this proposal. Does anyone know how to obtain this?

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