Typically speaking, a "song" indicates a musical composition with words. There are some exceptions, like when composers title a piece "Song without Words," but by and large it's technically incorrect to refer to an instrumental piece as a "song."

So, the question: if someone is asking for an instrumental work to be identified (like here), should we still use the identify-this-song tag? Or is there an alternate tag we should be using?

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    Lacking a better alternative, I'd unceremoniously shove all musical works to be identified under identify-this-song. It's a good thing you bring it up on meta though. – Mast Feb 12 '17 at 20:36

Your right, there is no proper tag for identifying instrumental work, until now it was implied to be merged with identify-this-song.

Maybe we can create a tag synonym with identify-this-track that will be more accurate for all kind of instrumental songs, classical pieces etc.

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