On this question, OP wanted us to help him identifying the genre of his own work. Dom answered that we don't identify personal compositions and put the question "on hold".

I agree we can't identify personal compositions because, in these case, the question is useful only for OP and there is a very few chances that someone else in the world will ask a similar question. In this case, OP has been honest and told the truth. But seing this, in the future, less honest users may want to trick us, and for the thrill of winning a few views on their personal compositions will ask us poor identification questions without telling it is their own work.

I sometimes suspect this kind of question (but don't have any proof) when I see that the song to be identified is on youtube or soundcloud with a very low view count.

So what exact rule should we define on these cases?

EDIT: What I understand on today's rules is we don't allow ID questions when it's about OP's composition. The only way we have to define if it's OP's composition, is that OP says himself it's his own work. So if OP doesn't say it, the question is allowed?

  • We only need to define 'rigorous rules' if there's actually a problem. The only problem I read in your question is what may or may not happen with less honest users in the future. Are the current rules insufficient in your opinion? Why? – Mast Feb 22 '17 at 15:41
  • @Mast, the rules you are linking don't say that one cannot identify his own work. – Bebs Feb 23 '17 at 10:01

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