I've seen questions like these, about technical issues, cables, electronics...

What's the best way to connect two iPods to one set of amplified speakers? Score: 5, status: Open

Dorset Crosley Record Player table not turning Score: 1, status: Closed

Turntable spins faster after moving to a new country with different power spec Score:1, status: Open

Why is my turntable playing at uneven speed? Score: 5, status: Open

Product Recommendation

Product Question: Fadedge Beats Solo S450 Score: 1, status: Closed

I haven't seen any clear rule about this so I wonder if these questions are on-topic. I feel that these questions are out of scope, but they are still accepted. What are the rules on these?

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  • The second question you link should be closed IMO. Product recommendation questions are off-topic pretty much everywhere on the SE network. – Mast May 22 '17 at 20:02
  • @Mast, OK, I understand the product recommendation, but what about the other cases...? – Bebs Oct 19 '17 at 6:48

In my opinion, given our relatively low traffic and question rate, we should allow any answerable, non-spam, non-solely-opinion questions that are in any way on topic, and aren't already covered by another site.

I think the rule in the past has been: instruments and performance/recording equipment questions go to music SE, product recommendations are banned, but music enjoyment equipment questions (record players, home speakers, etc.) ARE on topic here.

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In my opinion, product recommendation are clearly off-topic, for several reasons:

  • Primarily opinion based: people will argue about their favourite brands and models, and there is no possible definitive answer.

  • Time dependent: I suppose, Stack Exchange questions and answers shouldn't be time dependent and product recommendation are time dependant (a supposed best product for this or that won't be the same in 5 years) so this kind of questions would require a constant update.

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