We have several tags which contain a disclaimer of the kind:

Please don't use this tag for X purpose, instead use (other-tag).

I decided to do a search for such tags to see whether this is being followed strictly, and here is what I found:

Hence, the number of questions with "conflicting" tagging is low enough (= 64) to presume that it is just a mistake and can be corrected by retagging.

Does this sound appropriate to the community members? I personally think the current tag descriptions are appropriate, so the above conflicts should be resolved by retagging. I suggest that we do this in small batches so as to not flood the Home page.

Similar questions were asked earlier about the usage of the tag and specific genre tags here:

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The long and short of it is that we wanted to keep things as tidy as possible, but this stack doesn't get nearly as many questions as we had hoped. As such, we don't really adhere to the suggestions as strictly as we wanted to. Re-tagging is fine, as long as the re-tags make sense and aren't "forced" re-tags.

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The conflicts seem to have all been cleared now. Thank you to everyone who helped complete the retagging process! The remaining questions that have multiple tags present are those for which they actually do make sense in a way, so as per @JohnnyBones' suggestion, "forced" retagging was avoided.

Since conflicted tagging can and will recur, it might be good to create a feed for each of the problematic tag pairs mentioned in the question to post in a chatroom. Users interested in tag maintenance can then take a look at the feed to see if any new questions with conflicted tagging have cropped up.

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