The tags and appear to have identical usage. This is what their wiki and excerpts look like:


Excerpt: Any question relating to the use of samples used in media. Do not use this tag to identify a sample, use [identify-this-sample] instead.

Wiki: A sample is a portion of a sound recording (from movies, different musical works, radio interviews etc.) used in a musical work.

Sampling originated in the 40's, using methods such as tape loops to repeat drum beats, and exploded in the 70's with Hip-Hop DJs using 2 turntables and a mixer to infuse song snippets over a new beat.


Excerpt: For use with questions pertaining to songs which contain samples of other songs in them. Do not use this tag when referring to bitrates or other digital-based questions (i.e. sampling rates used in SACD).

Wiki: Sampling is the term used when pieces of songs are broken down into smaller chunks and inserted in other songs. Usually this includes either a beat or rhythm (i.e. Trick Daddy using the guitar riff from Crazy Train in his song "Let's Go"), or a vocal line (i.e. Run-DMC using the vocal line from Aerosmith's "Walk This Way" in their own cover version of the Aerosmith classic).

Sampling is widely used in Hip-Hop, Rap and EDM, though also used to a lesser degree in many other genres.

Can we merge these tags, since they seem to have the same usage?

Currently, there are 7 questions tagged with none unanswered, and 5 questions tagged with 1 unanswered. There are no questions tagged both and .

Based on this, I suggest that we mark to be a synonym of . I personally find the excerpt and wiki of to be written more clearly, so this is another reason for my suggestion to keep as the master tag.

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All the questions tagged have been retagged to . The tag has been burninated.


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