Tag synonymization is officially considered a precursor to merging. To quote from a post by @animuson♦ on Meta SE:

[U]ltimately, this action should happen at some point. If everyone is too afraid to merge the tags together, then they probably shouldn't be synonyms.

We currently have 5 tag synonyms that are yet to be merged (the links direct to the relevant discussions on Meta/chat):

Can we merge all these tags to their synonyms? I don't see any advantage conferred by delaying the merging, short of disagreement on the synonymization itself — but with no such disagreement having risen up in months, it's safe to say that none exists.

1. This had been brought up in chat in the past here and here.
2. Thanks to @MicahWindsor for bringing up tag merging in a comment under one of my answers! It reminded me of the past discussions on this matter, leading to this post.


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