Creating a compendium of pop songs based on themes from classical pieces seems a useful and participation-generating topic for Music Fans.

On the other hand, there are a lot of songs in that list. Does the question fit as is? Does it fit better as a community wiki? Should I just post it and see what happens?

I seek the wisdom of the community.

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If it's posted, it should be a community wiki.

Additionally, I concur with your statement:

...there are a lot of songs in that list.

With this point alone, it's probably best to narrow the scope of the post to a specific composer or piece:

Compilation of modern era songs, inspired by Beethoven

Furthermore, why just music? Why not create regions for genres and use tables to display the information within:

Pop Songs
Title Artist Inspirational Piece Supporting Source
Because The Beatles Moonlight Sonata Classic FM
... ... ... ...

I think this would be more useful to future readers than an astronomical list of titles inspired by various classical pieces.

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