Assume you want to ask to identify an excerpt of music you've recorded or recreated with some software. Is there a way to add it to the question in a similar way as an image, so that one does not need to upload it somewhere else, risking dead links sooner or later?

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    No, and it would be incredibly hard to moderate if it's added.
    – Mast
    Mar 28 at 6:25

There's no built-in Stack Exchange solution for this; unlike images, from which almost all sites profit at some point, sound snippets are only useful for specific websites. (Oh, and the built-in solution for images uses imgur.com, an external hoster too.)

According to the answer to What site-specific post formatting settings are available?, three sites in the network (Code Golf, Music Practice & Theory, Video Production) have the option to embed sound/music which has been uploaded to SoundCloud. It's a feature which would be useful for this site as well; it has been requested but from some tests it looks only the YouTube embedding has been added. Perhaps it's time to ask for SoundCloud embedding as well?


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