There are starting to be several questions posted asking for an open list of answers:

These kinds of questions are almost universally considered off-topic across the entire StackExchange network. Are they also considered off-topic here?

  • Leaving aside the meat of your question, example #1 may be awful for a different reason: "Successful" seems like a recipe for opinion based content as it lacks a reasonable definition.
    – DVK
    Apr 22, 2015 at 4:11

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Generally, finite lists are somewhat on topic on SE sites. Infinite lists usually aren't.

In the three specific examples you mentioned, I would say that the second one is on topic. It is a finite list from what I can understand.

The first one, I would classify as off topic, as it is bound to be many solo artists to have form successful bands; and the same is the case in the third example.

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    I agree, although I would also note that the reason open-ended lists are usually off-topic on Stack Exchange is that they interact very poorly with the answering and voting mechanisms. Feb 26, 2015 at 23:46

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