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How to upload sound to a question?

Assume you want to ask to identify an excerpt of music you've recorded or recreated with some software. Is there a way to add it to the question in a similar way as an image, so that one does not need ...
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Not satisfied with original formulation of my question and the answers I received — what steps can I take?

I have a question about my Music Fans Stack Exchange post: Different Artist - same song titles? I am not happy with the answers posted in my original question and I really needed some answers about &...
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What is the best SE site to ask for Spanish Catholic song identification?

I want to find the names and original composer or artist of these songs I heard in my childhood from 2000-2006, and I'd also like to find lyrics for them, as well. I can probably record the melody as ...
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Are questions about naming certain chord progressions on-topic? [duplicate]

I'm going to be taking an exam later this month (October 2019), and part of the exam will ask me to name a bunch of certain chord progressions. Most of the progressions that I need to study are long ...
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"identify-this-song" requisites?

The tag identify-this-song states Be sure to include enough information (lyric snippets, a good quality sound clip, etc.) I have two songs I am trying to find, to identify the band. However all I ...
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Attaching the melody?

If my question or answer includes a short piece of a melody, what's the best way to include it? An example would be a question to identify a song I remember from a long time ago, and I only remember ...
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What should I do to improve my identification question?

When I ask an identification question (tagged identify-this-*), I receive downvotes and comments indicating that my question is not up to the standard. Why does this happen? What can I do to improve ...
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inb4 The popular "guessing game"

It's not terribly distinct from us: We're in Private Beta, and Open Beta (assuming we make it there) is not very far. Sites like Anime & Manga / Gardening Stack Exchange are all falling into the ...
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