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off-topic or overzealous moderation?

I posted an ID question yesterday for a piece of classical music. I included a recording of me playing the theme on an electronic instrument. My question was flagged as off topic, closed and removed. ...
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Please re-open this question that was closed as opinion-based or unclear

What has the RIAA(/MPAA/BSA) done in re the recent surge in music piracy? I changed the secondary opinion question into what it was intended to be: some elaboration of the primary factual question.
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Closure-Reopening-Reclosure: Analyzing the final cadence of Dvorak 9 Finale

Analyzing the final cadence of Dvorak 9 Finale was closed, then reopened, and then re-closed. What is going on to my question?
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Question marked duplicate of deleted question

This question has been marked as a duplicate of this one, but the target question happens to be deleted. This is not a useful situation, so I request that either the deleted question be undeleted (if ...
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