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Should Identify-this-genre questions be considered separately?

(I've elsewhere expressed my disagreement with the decision to get rid of identify-this-song / identify-this-artist questions. This question, however, takes for granted that decision.) I would argue ...
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Should We Keep Old ID Questions

Given that ID questions make up the vast majority of our production, should we really be purging them out of the archives? I've personally put a lot of time and effort into those questions, and I'd ...
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off-topic or overzealous moderation?

I posted an ID question yesterday for a piece of classical music. I included a recording of me playing the theme on an electronic instrument. My question was flagged as off topic, closed and removed. ...
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Identification Questions are now off-topic. Here's our next steps

The deadline for the proposal to limit id has passed and it seems the community wants a stricter ban all policy which will start as of today. This is a general huge lift and as such it will take time ...
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Proposal: Limit Identification questions to tangible questions only (non-memory)

There has been a lot of back and forth about ID questions on this SE and I think everyone admits something needs to be done at this point. A simple proposal drafted by the mods and community managers ...
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The [identify*]-question question: Time for a trial separation?

Full dislosure: It was an identify question of my own that initially turned me onto this site. TL;DR Music Fans SE should engage in a time-limited trial run of restricting or eliminating "...
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