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Can we ask what Key a piece is in?

Some websites, Tunebat as one, are exceptional in showing you details like a pieces Key, BPM and danceability. Sometimes, however, a piece is not on there. Research concluded first, are we then ...
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Would a compilation of pop music based on classical music be an appropriate question or community wiki?

Creating a compendium of pop songs based on themes from classical pieces seems a useful and participation-generating topic for Music Fans. On the other hand, there are a lot of songs in that list. ...
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The [identify*]-question question: Time for a trial separation?

Full dislosure: It was an identify question of my own that initially turned me onto this site. TL;DR Music Fans SE should engage in a time-limited trial run of restricting or eliminating "...
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Defect - The link "delete" does not work

There is an annoying defect in the site I am on the site on an iPhone on iOS 9.0.2. On a question by me, the link &...
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Infinite list questions - still off topic?

There's a fairly strong "decision" that was made to not have such questions: Are list questions on-topic? I wanted to ask: What are some DJ-hosted radio stations, available worldwide, that are ...
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Are list questions on-topic?

There are starting to be several questions posted asking for an open list of answers:
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