Questions tagged [tag-synonyms]

A request to add one tag as the synonym of another tag.

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2 votes
2 answers

Should we merge the tags [concert] and [live-music]?

A concert is a live music performance, so having both concert and live-music seems redundant. So, I propose that we merge both tags. Specifically, I suggest we make concert a synonym of live-music, ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Should we merge the tags [backstory] and [history]?

The tag wiki for backstory mentions: It could be that this tag ultimately should just be folded into history but it does seem like there's a distinct kind of history, and some people who have a ...
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Do we really need the [song-title] tag when we have the [identify-this-song] tag?

It looks like the unknown-title tag was burninated back in 2016 because it was too similar to identify-this-song. It sure looks like most questions tagged song-title are either "What is the title?" ...