Rory Alsop

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Lead guitarist and petrolhead with Scottish Industrial rock trio Metaltech (and our alter-ego folk band Acoustech)

  • headlined the Orkney Rock Festival in 2014
  • nominated for Best Metal Act at the Scottish Alternative Music Awards 2011 (came 2nd)
  • nominated for Best Group and Best Loud Track at the Scottish New Music Awards 2011

Been gigging for 25 years, taught guitar on and off. Played a lot of the Scottish music festivals (Rock Ness, Wickerman, Belladrum etc), supported bands like Monster Magnet, Alec Empire, KMFDM, Angelspit, Psydoll. Headlined all over Scotland. Oh, and I am a mod over on Music Practice & Theory

Website - http://www.metaltech.me

Facebook - http://www.facebook.com/metaltech

Check out our videos - http://www.youtube.com/user/Metaltechtheband

Play classical, rock, blues, metal, spanish, slide, folk...

On stage usually use Ibanez (7 string RG7321 and Joe Satriani signature models), or a 1989 Charvel Predator with a Dimebucker pickup through a Line 6 HD500 and a DigiTech Whammy, sometimes with a CryBaby. For the songs requiring fire I use a BC Rich Warlock with pyro attachments!

Generally DI'ed straight into the venue PA, or where we need to amplify - generally Marshall heads through Laney 4x10s.

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