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I might seem like user Maika Sakuranomiya / Kotori Minami who passed away on SE recently. But I am not at all. I am a completely different user - AND a completely different person - who shares the same IP. I'm not lying at all. I'm telling the truth.

Just like all of you guys, I start off at reputation 1 and privileges 0.

I am Kotori's friend/classmate. Kotori has told me about how he received four consecutive long-term bans (the "triple threat ban" (the term he made for three consecutive long-term SE bans) plus the new 1-year re-ban on Music SE. He then explained of how he tearfully waved sayonara to all SE communities he subscribed to and deleted his entire account. I felt extremely sorry for him after hearing the sad news.

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Keeping a low profile.

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