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Defect - The link "delete" does not work

There is an annoying defect in the site I am on the site on an iPhone on iOS 9.0.2. On a question by me, the link &...
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Should this question that is not being automatically deleted due to a bug be deleted manually?

This question meets the criteria for automatic Roomba deletion as RemoveAbandonedClosed. In particular, it: has been closed more than 9 days ago, for a reason other than duplicate has a non-positive ...
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Do we need to retain this exact duplicate?

This question is marked as a duplicate of this one. But, I noticed that the target is completely identical to the question that is closed as a duplicate. What seems to have happened is that the OP ...
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What to do with what is perceived as a bad answer?

I'm aware this question is similar to What to do with low quality questions and answers but I think the particular case of bad answers that are still an attempt to answer is not discussed. In SO they ...
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Delete unwanted link comment

A user has used a question of mine to reach me on an unrelated topic, here. As you can see, on the comments, he links to another unrelated post and now, the two posts become linked (in the right ...
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Why has this correct answer answer been deleted (II)?

This answer to this question seems really correct: Song name where a (probably) computer generated voice states random facts. It even has received two upvotes. Is there a reason for deleting it? I ...
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Why has this correct answer been deleted?

This identification question Song playing in Lift Me Up first dance scene has received a correct answer and a link to the singer's website with the song. Even the asker confirmed it was the right ...
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